7 Ways to Celebrate National Improve Your Office Day


National Improve Your Office Day (October 4) is the perfect time to make positive changes to your workplace environment. Improving your office space can help you to attract and retain talented staff members while enhancing productivity and mood throughout the workplace. Plus, investing in your staff will positively impact your business in many ways.

Below are seven ways you can celebrate Improve Your Office Day!

1. Incorporate Greenery

Greenery has both physical and psychological benefits, so incorporating plants in the workplace can be a fantastic idea. Plants can decrease contaminants in the air, reduce stress among workers and even increase productivity by 15%. That’s right — people tend to work harder when fresh plants are near!

2. Keep it Clean

Your staff should keep their desks tidy, sure, but hiring a cleaning service for the overall space will ensure you’re keeping them healthy and taking a load off their mind. A professional will do a better job, and your team will have more time to focus on their roles within the company.

3. Have Multi-Purpose Work Spaces

How about investing in multi-purpose workspaces, such as a meeting desk that incorporates a charging station, or interactive walls where your employees can draw inspirational messages or leave each other notes? You could also consider providing flexible workstations so team members can take a break from their desk and work comfortably within the office.

4. Buy Sit and Stand Desks

Sit and Stand desks are perfect for better for health and focus. It’s important to note that too much sitting can be just as bad as smoking according to studies! Sit and Stand desks can be raised and lowered at will, so your team members can adjust as needed throughout the day. Not only will team members be able to focus better on their work, but they will also avoid short and long-term health problems, such as problems with their posture and weight-related issues.

5. Allow Staff to Personalize Their Workspace

No one gets inspired by working at a desk or workspace that is dull and boring. Give your team members freedom to personalize where they work. Encourage them to bring in (appropriate) pictures or decor that they like and anything else that will inspire them to work.

6. Provide a Place for Refreshments

Creating a nice place for refreshments will allow employees some time away from their desks to nourish their bodies and minds. How about a smoothie station, a salad bar, or even a chef that comes in once a week to make lunch? At the very least, your break room or kitchen area should be well stocked with coffee, tea and snacks. Don’t forget to keep this space clean and tidy. It’s important that you and your team members can relax in a welcoming environment.

7. Upgrade Office Equipment

When it comes to computers, printers, phones and workstation tools, having out-of-date office equipment can significantly slow down productivity and may bring down workplace morale. The same goes for your office furniture. If a team member continually needs to adjust a broken desk chair or your team has outgrown a tiny conference table, it’s time to make some improvements. Be sure to stay on top of repairs and replacements so your team will always have a comfortable place to work.

How can Thrifty help you achieve your office upgrade goals?

Contact our team of office furniture experts to learn how we can help make your office space goals a reality! For more information, visit one of our convenient locations with showrooms in Raleigh-Durham, Wilmington and Burlington, NC, give us a call at (919) 589-8454 or request a quote online today.

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