Holiday Office Decorations 101


Christmastime is here! As we enter the holiday season, try to make the office a bit more festive by decorating your workspace. Whether you just put out a candy dish or recreate Santa’s village with your cubicle, there’s no harm in spreading a little holiday cheer! We’ve compiled some photos of great holiday office decorations so you can get some ideas of how to liven up your own company this holiday season.

Christmas Lights

Putting up a strand or two of your favorite lights is the easiest way to make your area more festive. It also doubles as an additional light source for your space if you need it, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg or much time to setup.

cubicle christmas lights


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Everyone knows and loves Charlie Brown! And of course, his sad little Christmas tree is another easy decoration that you can put on your desk and won’t cost you too much. We’ve even seen versions that play the Charlie Brown Christmas song!

Charlie Brown Christmas tree


Charlie Brown Window Panes

Speaking of Charlie Brown, we saw this great idea online – if you work next to real walls (or even cubicle walls), you can fairly easily (with a little artistic talent) create “windows” with Charlie Brown Christmas characters in them. Once you’ve made it, it’s as easy as hanging a poster!



Faux Fireplace

Visit any party store during this time of year, and you’ll be able to find a lot of options for creating a faux fireplace near your workspace. Add some stockings (real or paper) and some snowflakes and you’ve got a pretty festive little hearth!



Wrap All The Things!

I’m sure you have some leftover Christmas paper from wrapping up all your gifts, so why not wrap up your desk? This also makes for a wonderful Christmas-themed prank for your buddy in the next cubicle over!

wrap all the things


Chimney/Fireplace Reception Station

Any elevated deskspace, like a reception desk, can be easily turned into a fireplace, hearth, or chimney with Santa at the top. Pick up a couple of real stockings from your local craft store, and add some garland for extra festive fun.



Santa’s Hidden Village

If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle, you know the benefits of the metal overhead shelving for additional storage. Why not clear out some space and set up your Christmas Village Collection in that area? Add some fake snow and garland for effect.

little village



Hanging Snowflakes

If you have drop tile ceiling in your office, creating this “inside of a snowglobe” effect is fairly easy. You just need some fishing line, tape, and paper or cardboard cutouts of snowflakes for your most basic decoration. You could also purchase some fancier and shinier decorations for this purpose at your local party store.



All-Out Christmas Cubicle Awesomeness

The next few examples require a lot of artistic vision, time, effort, and probably some money for supplies. But these dedicated individuals completely created a Christmas wonderland for their cubicle/workspace. From gingerbread houses to snow-capped cabins from Santa’s village, these last images are incredible!

snowy house




light roof


elf house




However you celebrate this season, Happy Holidays from Thrifty Office Furniture!!



Jennifer has over 5 years of experience in the marketing industry - all of it spent in the Triangle area. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2008 with a degree in Psychology and began working at a local marketing agency as the Office Administrator. She moved her way up in the company, eventually becoming the Director of Project Management. But marketing is her true passion, so she gladly took the opportunity to join the Thrifty team as Marketing Manager. Jenn enjoys photography as a hobby and is working on getting a website of her photos together to share with the world. She also spends most of her time chasing around her two Scottie puppies, Angus and Duncan.


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