Thanksgiving: Turkey, Sleep, and... Office Decorations!


Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year: Family, food, and football! What more could you ask for? At Thrifty, we’re huge fans of Turkey Day. But there is one area where we often see Thanksgiving falling a little short: office decorations.

It makes sense - it’s smack dab in the middle of the two biggest decorating holidays of the year. And while Halloween and Christmas might have more options for decorations, Thanksgiving certainly is no slouch in this department. Before your office goes all in with tinsel, ornaments, and the guy in the red suit, here are some Thanksgiving ideas you should think about.


Let's start with the basics. Turkey is really the star of Thanksgiving, and you can find quite a bit of turkey décor to put up in the office. If you want to go old-school or are nostalgic for your Kindergarten days, you can also just trace your hand on some construction paper. You can even put up some turkey lights up, if you are so inclined.


To go along with the food theme, cranberries make excellent adornments. Just throw some in a bowl, and you have an instant holiday decoration. A cranberry garland or wreath will instantly turn any boring cubicle into a festive workspace.


Flowers can immediately brighten a room (even if they’re artificial!). If your office has a lobby or waiting room, putting some brown, yellow, and orange flowers on a table will add a very nice touch and show folks that you're in the holiday mood.


Nobody seems to know exactly what they are or what purpose they serve, but if you want to add some Thanksgiving spirit to your office, you have to include some gourds. If nothing else, they make an interesting conversation piece. Spread them around. Put some in the conference room, by the copier, maybe in the break room.


Halloween doesn't have a monopoly on pumpkins; they can be used for Thanksgiving as well. If you have some pumpkins leftover from Halloween that you didn't carve, bring them to work and put them on your desk. Just remember to take them with you before the big day so you'll have the main ingredient for your delicious pumpkin pie!

Thanks for reading! We hope you found these decoration suggestions helpful. From all of us at Thrifty, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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