Top 5 Tips When Redesigning Your Office Space


Redesigning your office space is one of the most important challenges you’ll face all year. Whether you’ve moved into a new location or simply wish to inject fresh energy, the decisions made throughout this process will be crucial.

Focus on the five factors below, and you should be sure to find the best solutions time and time again.

Consider Employee Health

Healthy employees are better employees. Fact. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make the necessary office adjustments to keep your staff members in excellent physical and mental condition. Here are some simple ideas that can be incorporated:

  • Use sit and stand desks to stop them leading a sedentary life
  • Invest in a coffee machine and water cooler for hydration
  • Ensure that the staff break room facilities are up to scratch
  • Keep office spaces clean and free from unnecessary hazards

Avoid Overcrowding

There’s nothing worse than an office space that feels overcrowded. Fall into this trap and everything from productivity and motivation to safety and brand image can be quickly compromised. A few subtle changes will soon alter this, here are the best:

  • Embrace outsourcing to cut down on equipment needs and physical staff volume
  • Opt for cloud computing and wireless technologies where possible
  • Embrace natural light and bright color schemes to trick the eyes
  • Use multi-person workstations and utilize open-plan layouts

Keep Costs Down

The office spaces form the heartbeat of your operation, which is why it’s crucial for them to operate with financial responsibility. Failure to achieve this in the office will see the problems filter down throughout the entire business. Here’s how to stop this becoming a problem:

  • Buy quality office furniture that’s built to last
  • Invest in communication facilities that allow you to cut down on the need for team meetings
  • Ensure that rooms have doors for heat (and safety) reasons
  • Choose suitable lighting
  • Know Your Aspirations

    Planning and organization are essential features for all business endeavors, and the office layout is no different. Ultimately, every company has its own way of doing things, which is why decisions need to be made exclusively with your best needs in mind. Be sure to consider the following:

    • Is there enough storage space for your needs?
    • Do teams and departments need to be grouped in one location?
    • Does the reception area need to impress visitors and clients, or are you unlikely to have guests?
    • Are items like stationary easily located?

    Remember The Importance Of Image

    Appearances count for everything in business, and the office is a venue that should underline those intentions. Even if you are unlikely to receive many desks, the right interior design choices can inspire employees to feel pride. Here are the best ways to get the look right:

    • Choose color schemes and layout choices that reflect the branding elements
    • Celebrate the awards and achievements of the team, as well as things that make you stand out
    • Keep spaces tidy and show pride in the place of work
    • Opt for layouts, particularly in recreational areas, that encourage a sense of unity

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