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Welcome to our new site and our very first blog post. I’m Joel Gillis and I’m the President and Owner of Thrifty Office Furniture. Thrifty has been updating many aspects of our company and making a lot of changes recently, and I just wanted to take a minute and explain our decisions and choices behind what’s new.

“Simply Practical, Remarkably Affordable.”

What does that say? We’ve been hearing it from our customers for years – we’re easy to do business with. We’re practical and we’ve got value-driven prices. But more than that, we ask the right questions to ensure you get the right product. We do drawings and renderings so you know exactly what your new space will look like. We give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t, all at the right price. This brand promise is simply a part of our DNA, so we officially made it part of our culture.

We’ve also debuted our new Low Price Guarantee today. Since Thrifty is our name, we figured we should stand behind its meaning! We also want our customers to know and be confident that they are getting the best deal they can on their office furniture project. We place a strong emphasis on building relationships with our customers, and the first step towards that is trust. We want you to know that we will always give you the lowest price at Thrifty.
Color-1000pxAt the end of the day, we sell office furniture. We’re providing a service. But we come to work each day knowing that we positively impact the lives of others. We care about the person buying furniture, and want to make sure they find the right fit for their goals. We realize we have the opportunity to be there for people and support them when they need it. For all of us here at Thrifty, our job is to do more than sell some desks and move product – it’s to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those that we do business with.

Thanks for listening.


Joel has 28 years of experience in the office furniture industry and specialized knowledge in cubicles/panel systems and modular furniture. Through his hands-on approach, Joel has built the business on a strong commitment to providing the finest customer service with a focus on supplying quality products at affordable prices. He also has a General Contractors License and owns Jon-Gil Properties, which builds and develops residential properties. Another endeavor, Gillis Properties, is a company where he owns and manages rental properties. In his spare time, Joel likes spending time with his wife at their lake house, boating, water sports and just relaxing. He is heavily involved in his church, The Vertical Church, in Hillsborough and enjoys supporting local and world missions.

Website: http://www.thriftyofficefurniture.com

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