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Now resurging into popularity again, treadmill desks and standing desks are becoming a staple for health conscious professionals, for both their home and work environments. It was during late 2008 when people first began to widely accept the health advantages of treadmill desks and standing desks; but with new technology […]

When it comes to designing and working in productive office spaces, it’s important to know that many business owners are now placing focus on ergonomics. Having an ergonomic workspace can help to prevent injuries and fatigue, as well as improve the quality of workflow and employee productivity. Creating these environments […]

As we enter into the new year, consider making some resolutions for your office. Can you make your office a happier place to work by adding a few things or changing a few rules? Absolutely! Great things can happen when you design (or redesign) your office space to ensure your […]

Open-office plans: a trend that began in the 1950s, and accelerated with the invention of the cubicle in the later 1960s, is now sweeping across offices all across the globe. Workplaces that have traditionally had more private offices than open work areas, have moved towards tearing down more walls in […]

The majority of people in the US experience some level of stress at their jobs. And you may think, “It’s normal to be stressed out at work sometimes.” However, you may be surprised to learn how seriously stress can affect you if sustained for prolonged periods! So we created an […]