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Now resurging into popularity again, treadmill desks and standing desks are becoming a staple for health conscious professionals, for both their home and work environments. It was during late 2008 when people first began to widely accept the health advantages of treadmill desks and standing desks; but with new technology […]

When it comes to designing and working in productive office spaces, it’s important to know that many business owners are now placing focus on ergonomics. Having an ergonomic workspace can help to prevent injuries and fatigue, as well as improve the quality of workflow and employee productivity. Creating these environments […]

Spring has arrived and it’s time to clean out the cobwebs! It’s a great time to clean and organize your workspace to increase your efficiency and productivity on the job. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to get you started on the path to a clean and organized office. […]

With Aprils Fools Day 2015 right around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of office pranks to keep your coworkers laughing. Well, most of coworkers at least! Some pranks target at a single individual, while others will affect the whole office. We’ve listed them in no particular order, but we […]

Working for 8 hours a day at a desk job takes some adjustment. Some people tend to fidget and move around, others perch on the edge of their seat, and still others hunch over and stay glued to their computer screen. So what type of office sitter are you? Check […]

As we enter into the new year, consider making some resolutions for your office. Can you make your office a happier place to work by adding a few things or changing a few rules? Absolutely! Great things can happen when you design (or redesign) your office space to ensure your […]

Christmastime is here! As we enter the holiday season, try to make the office a bit more festive by decorating your workspace. Whether you just put out a candy dish or recreate Santa’s village with your cubicle, there’s no harm in spreading a little holiday cheer! We’ve compiled some photos […]

Open-office plans: a trend that began in the 1950s, and accelerated with the invention of the cubicle in the later 1960s, is now sweeping across offices all across the globe. Workplaces that have traditionally had more private offices than open work areas, have moved towards tearing down more walls in […]

Halloween is coming up quick and if your office leans on the festive side this time of year, chances are you need to come up with a clever cubicle decorating idea – and soon! Not to fear – Thrifty is here to help! We’ve gathered up some of our favorite […]

We’ve all heard companies say those infamous buzzwords, “We’re going green!” Sustainable initiatives are great for our environment and sometimes can be fun when employees are involved, but when it comes to buying “green” furniture for your office, what do all the certifications really mean? Is one better than the […]