Treadmill Desk And Standing Desk – Whу Yоu Nееd Thеm


Now resurging into popularity again, treadmill desks and standing desks are becoming a staple for health conscious professionals, for both their home and work environments.

It was during late 2008 when people first began to widely accept the health advantages of treadmill desks and standing desks; but with new technology geared towards improving the ever-demanding work day, these products are gaining more recognition for their increase in benefits and enhanced designs.

It’s been long proven that both standing and moving is more beneficial to a person’s health, rather than sitting for long periods of time—and with this, walking workstations are becoming much more popular as people seek to get healthier and slimmer while they work.

In fact, studies are now showing that sitting іn front of a computer for hours at length can actually be hazardous to your health! So іf you’re ready to fight that dreaded spread that often comes with sitting down for hours at a time, you should seriously think about a treadmill desk or standing desk.

Treadmill Desks and Standing Desks – The Difference

The treadmill workstation was created as an alternative to the traditional sedentary work place. It allows you to walk and work simultaneously during the day on a treadmill, allowing you to significantly increase your activity level without taking time away from your busy work schedule.

Standing desks are desks built for use while standing—and some variations, like our Lorell Height Adjustable desk, even allow the option to shift between sitting and standing throughout the day. Being able to shift between these positions provides great health benefits, including improved circulation, stress relief on joints and muscles, and opportunities to clear your mind and re-focus.

With such long days at work, fitting in exercise daily can be difficult—and most of us are simply too tired to commit to hitting the gym afterwards everyday or building an extra 1-2 hours into our everyday morning routines. Taking advantage of either the treadmill desk or a sit-and-stand desk is the perfect way to integrate additional sources for exercise into your pre-existing workout schedule, or even just switch things up with your day-to-day routine.

If you already have a standing workstation, simply purchase the treadmill separately as most workstation treadmills are designed to work with a large variety of sit stand desk applications. If you do not have a standing desk, there is also the option to purchase both the treadmill and desk іn conjunction with each other, as many companies offer packages for both items that are often less expensive іn price than purchasing both products separately. To speak with a representative further about what options are available, please feel free to contact us.

Treadmill Desk / Standing Desk / Sit-Stand Workstation

Thе Health Benefits of Treadmill Desks and Standing Desks

Research has shown that standing and walking throughout the day is a much better approach to exercise, and is one of the easiest forms of exercise for office professionals to commit to everyday.

The American Heart Association warrants that walking 10,000 steps a day leads to a 90% reduction іn heart attacks and 70% reduction in rate of having a stroke. The American Cancer Society agrees that walking 10,000 steps is beneficial іn that іt leads to a 30-70% reduction іn rates of cancer. Other benefits obtained from walking throughout the day on a treadmill include increased alertness, blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, increased energy, greater clarity, weight loss, improved productivity, feeling more positive, a decrease in back and joint pain generally associated with sitting іn an office chair, and even increased memory and attentional abilities.

Besides that, users of standing desks have found that with time, their back muscles as well as other muscles become strengthened, since they are not pressuring those muscles too much with prolonged sitting and lack of activity. Some users also state that using a standing desk has helped them be more social at work, since, by standing, they can see and engage with co-workers beyond their cubicle. More interaction at work can reduce stress and help you feel more calm, which is beneficial to your health.

Don’t give up if you find іt tough initially; you will not be the first sedentary person to feel that way. With some willpower and effort, you wіll learn to adjust to your new workstation—and will likely come to find you love it just as many others do today!

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