Low Price Guarantee

Worried about paying too much? Not at Thrifty! We offer a low price guarantee on all new products. If Thrifty doesn't already have the lowest price, we'll match any local retail competitor!

At the time of purchase, we will match the current pre-tax price for new, identical, immediately available products from a local retail competitor's store.  We will match prices between our own locations and ThriftyOfficeFurniture.com.  We will also match prices post purchase if we lower our price within 15 days of your purchase.

The Low Price Guarantee is limited to one price match per identical item, per guest, and does not apply to: items sold directly from manufacturers, post purchase price match requests to competitor's prices, competitor's service prices, refurbished or used items, special hour sale event items, credit card offers, and items for sale Thanksgiving Day through 11:59 p.m. on the Monday after Thanksgiving.