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At Thrifty, we offer a low price guarantee on all new products. We'll match any local retail competitor - that is, if we don't already have the lowest price!

Testimonials & Case Studies

We take pride in the solutions we provide for our clients, but don't take our word for it!  Listen to what some of our clients have to say about Thrifty Office Furniture.

Becky Marsh

From Kimley-Horn - Morrisville, NC

Hi my name is Becky Marsh; I am the office administrator with Kimley-Horn and Associates and have been dealing with Thrifty Office Furniture for probably about 10 years. They take care of all my furniture needs as far as new upfits, old buildings, old partitions, whatever I need them to do, they will put them together. They've worked in m... READ MORE > y Cary corporate office, Raleigh downtown, Durham, also worked in our Charlotte office in a haunted building. And they've worked in Georgia; three Atlanta offices, and in South Carolina. So they've been actually all over the place in the southeast for us. I trust them to be there to do what they need to do even if I'm not here. I can leave them midnight/two o'clock in the morning and they will get it done, lock up and alarm. So they are just an excellent place to deal with. There are vendors that I consider my top vendors, and they are one. They just make my job a lot easier. I highly recommend them to anybody that wants to get a job done.

Rhonda Carlile

From Durham Bulls Baseball - Durham, NC

I’m Rhonda Carlile and I’m the business manager for Durham Bulls Baseball. Tamara Balderas answered the phone and I told her who I was and what I wanted. And I gave her how many offices I need to furnish, what my budget was and what my timeframe was. And I said, “Now I’ve said that, so you may just prefer to hang up on my right no... READ MORE > w,” because it was all small budget, lots of things needed, and a very short time frame. Tamara just came through beautifully. They were very responsive. She came the next day and we measured everything. We talked about what kinds of office furniture could fit into our offices. And she got me prices within, I think the beginning of the next week, and it all went very quickly. After we got moved into our offices we realized that we needed some additional pieces. It’s hard to plan it in the beginning exactly everything that you’re going need; so we needed a couple pieces here or there and we were able to get those very quickly. Tamara worked with us and ordered those and within a few days we had those additional pieces. And that was really nice to be able to add to what we had done.

Gladys Shaw

From Burlington Housing Authority - Burlington, NC

My name is Gladys Shaw and I’m education coordinator for Burlington Housing Authority. We were in the process of constructing a new facility. We followed the advice of our executive director who suggested we visit John at Thrifty Furniture. John presented us with the HON catalog and we were just so excited because we were so used to me... READ MORE > tal chairs and the wooden tables all maybe with the little black frame. And after we saw all of this we said, “Oh perfect. This will be great.” He did not come on with a top dollar sales pitch. He said, “Take your time.” And that’s what we did. When we received quotes from other vendors, Thrifty easily came in with the lowest quote for the exact same selections. When you come into the Dreamgirls quarter, you can see them relaxed in the furniture that we purchased from Thrifty. Our reception area, where people can come in and they can relax. They don’t have to relax on a metal chair; they can relax in comfort while they’re waiting. And I’d like to say thank you to Thrifty for all your help. This has been a wonderful experience.