Low Price Guarantee

At Thrifty, we offer a low price guarantee on all new products. We'll match any local retail competitor - that is, if we don't already have the lowest price!

Our Story

Thrifty Office Furniture has been providing the Raleigh-Durham area with quality office furniture since 1993, and has since expanded to multiple locations in North Carolina. Read more about how the Thrifty team has evolved over the years but stayed true to its promise - Simply Practical, Remarkably Affordable.

Thrifty Office Furniture originally opened for business in Durham, NC in 1993. Joel Gillis, our President and owner, had the entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to provide affordable office furniture to other entrepreneurs - a rarity at the time. He began to sell high quality, used office furniture to startups and big businesses alike.

Because of his vast knowledge of the industry and his dedication to excellent customer service, sales steadily increased. Now Thrifty has cultivated partnerships with many major manufacturers, allowing us to provide big discounts on new high-quality office furniture. We've built relationships with over 100 manufacturers to provide a vast selection of products to suit every project. And most importantly, the Thrifty family has grown! Today Thrifty has 21 employees at 3 locations in North Carolina.

At Thrifty, we continue to live by our mission statement - To positively impact the lives and business environments of our customers, employees, and vendors. We place a strong emphasis on customer service, making us "easy to do business with." We also know that providing the best services means employing the best people. We aim to attract intelligent, fun-loving, and hard-working professionals to join the Thrifty team. We have big dreams for the future, too! We hope that our unique, no-frills business model will set us apart from our competition and lead to continued growth.